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I describe myself as a Transformative Healer, who provides Spiritual and Energy Healing that helps people to recognise, understand and release old patterns of behaviour and thoughts that no longer serve them. I am especially drawn towards helping people heal and recover from traumatic relationships.
As long as I can remember, I have felt other people’s emotions and how their physical body was feeling. I was almost forced to learn about energy and maintaining my own energetic boundaries, otherwise after a stint of shifts I felt completely drained with nothing left for myself, family or my friends. Working as a Registered Nurse for over 25 years has taught me a lot about caring for other people. I have a passion for helping others and love what I do. Having experienced narcissistic abuse and domestic violence, and now being at a place where I am not just surviving but thriving, I feel I have much to offer others with the knowledge and experience I have obtained in my life.
I listen with an open heart and mind, and I understand that your healing is not about me, it is about you! The healing energyI work with, helps to release old unwanted energy and blockages for you. I can create packages specifically for you. There are different options to choose from and they can be combined or done separately. Please check out my services page for more information. There are no hard and fast rules. You can just ask me, or we can chat together, to create a treatment plan if that is something you feel you may need. Again, this is all about you! Your Spiritual journey is in your hands... I am a Certified Crystal Practitioner, qualified Mind Set Coach and I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher (in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition).
Over the years I’ve completed numerous courses and workshops, all combining to further enhance my understanding and awareness. • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master-Teacher • Mind Set Coach • Spiritual Healing • Certified Crystal Practitioner – Crystal Healings • Chakra balancing • Balancing of the Subtle Bodies • Intuitive healing
What People Say
I had the other day a consultation with Caroline. It was wonderful and I felt totally at ease with her. As this was a zoom consultation and we are in two different countries, I was wondering how this would work. But the worries were totally unnecessary. I might as well sat right next to her. Absolutely fascinating to watch her work with me. Her mannerism is calming and reassuring at the same time. I felt totally confident in her hands and her comments were absolutely spot on, I was very impressed. I would like to work with her again and highly recommend her".

Caroline is such a gentle yet powerful healer with a beautiful soft soul. I've had 2 healings with Caroline now, the 1st in person and the second as an absent distant healing. I can honestly say, the effects of both were tremendous. What came up in both was an exact mirror of what I've been struggling with for a while now. The energy shift and my awakening from each healing was truly blissful and eye opening...that being metaphorically as well as physically. I look forward to doing more positive and cathartic work with Caroline. She really is a 'master' of what she does and her grace and humility are soul enriching. Love, Light and Blessings dear Caroline...x"

I had a distant crystal healing session with Caroline from where I live in Tenerife. After, I felt balanced, relaxed and as if I was floating leading to having constant incredible days. She also sent me information on crystals used and chakras that were blocked that she worked on to unblock. No matter where you are in the world, contact Caroline and book your session to feel amazing!"

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