Energetic Alignment


Hosted By Caroline Jones and Bronwyn Coles

29th June – 2 July 2023

Middleton, South Australia

Align Your Heart,…..Your Mind,…..Your Body, ……Your Energy……

& feel Your Vibration Sing……

Are you ready for a Life Changing,

Transformational Experience?

Hosted By Caroline Jones and Bronwyn Coles

Caroline Jones

I describe myself as a Transformative Healer, who provides Spiritual and Energy Healing that helps people to recognise, understand and release old patterns of behaviour and thoughts that no longer serve them. I am especially drawn towards helping people heal and recover from traumatic relationships.

My aim is to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit using the wonderful tools that I have learnt and that are at my disposal, to help you…

Bronywn Coles

Bronwyn is an intuitive healer, energyworker, personal and business coach. She has worked with others for many years to facilitate expansion of awareness & alignment with their inner wisdom.

Her intent is to hold space for all those she works with to grow and flourish personally and professionally. She uses guided meditation, energywork and yoga to coach people to achieve clarity and take empowered action in alignment with their core values and desires.

It is not very often that you have the opportunity to stop and recalibrate, to open the doors of your heart to connect with, and celebrate, yourself……

Immerse Yourself

& Experience……

Sacred Space

As we join together in Sacred Space we clarify our intention, opening our hearts and minds to receive……

Rise & Shine

Yoga & Meditation start the day and assist you to tune into you….. an opportunity to connect, feel, absorb, care, be present…….

Align Your Heart,

…..Your Mind,

…..Your Body,

……Your Energy

……& feel Your Vibration Sing……

Go With The Flow

….Connect to the feminine energy at the Murray Mouth, experience Crystal Grid Work, Sound Bath, Intuitive Expansion, Creativity Expressed, Energywork, Energetic Clearing, beautiful sharing, learning, connection, new experiences, beautiful vegetarian food….JOY! & LAUGHTER!

Whats Included?

Accommodation at a stunning waterfront property with a big ocean view (including linen). All Meals from Thursday Evening to Sunday Morning. All experiences. All Yoga Equipment, Crystals & Creative Supplies for use during the Retreat. Special treat packages on arrival.

There are two private rooms and one share room allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note: Travel by own personal vehicle to and from the Venue & we may car pool for any outings.

All Inclusive Fee: $1875.00

For BOOKINGS or further information please contact Bronwyn on 0412 040 990

With LOVE,

Bronwyn & Caroline

Are you ready for a

Life Changing,

Transformational Experience?

Dont Miss out on your oprtunity to join Caroline and Bronwyn on this transformational retreat.

Spots filling fast, there’s only a few spots remaining.

For BOOKINGS or further information please contact Bronwyn on 0412 040 990

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