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My book that gives an account of my personal experiences regarding living with domestic violence and narcissistic abuse is finally here!! Shame Seals Your Mouth Shut is the name of my book where I detail who I was before the relationship, how I changed and certain situations that occurred during this toxic time, offer my insights, knowledge gained and the tools that I discovered and used to get me through to the other side. To be able to break down those patterns of behaviour and since create real change within myself have been so cathartic and such a welcome release! It was my wish at the very beginning of this journey, that I decided that I wanted to help as many people as possible with what I learned.

I have also contributed to a book called ‘Modern Reiki for Modern Times’, which is a delicious book, beautifully presented with loads of luscious information on energy healing, our energy system and subtle energy bodies, chakras, Reiki and so much more…….a highly informative text with in depth information for the beginner, the inquisitive through to the person well versed in energy healing…..

I have another book published, which is a collaborative piece, called ‘Shift A New Era Begins’. See below for further details…


Finding Your Freedom After Abuse.

By Caroline Jones

Having been lucky and growing up in a loving, healthy family environment, one may be surprised that Caroline entered a Narcissistic relationship and stayed there for 16 years!

 The marriage did not start out this way, but there were early warning signs that became glaringly obvious as more time passed. Despite her husband’s abusive behaviour and the damage being done, she stayed. She became a shadow of her former happy, confident self and barely recognised herself.

Eventually, she found a very courageous part of herself that she grabbed onto, broke herself free and walked away, starting life again in her forties.

Caroline shares her journey with heartfelt honesty, warmth and transparency, providing insights, tools she used to find her own way and the red flags to look out for.

You can do it too!

“The authors brutally raw personal account of the slippery slope down into domestic violence and the emotional battle out of it is so powerful it makes you re-evaluate your own experience.

Offering help with recognising toxic personality traits and guidance of resourses adds to the authors display of growth, transparency and strength.”

– Jo.

Modern Reiki for Modern Times

By Stephen & Caroline Jones

As humanity has grown and evolved, so too has their need for information and clarity on what actually occurs during a Reiki/energy healing session.

A change and increase in our awareness has created almost a thirst for knowledge and understanding of our subtle bodies and their role in health and well-being. It is our desire to share with you our collated knowledge for the betterment of the spiritual healing art of Reiki.

We provide exceptional, high quality professional training courses, including all the information that you could possibly need, to learn and teach Reiki.

Included in this publication is extensive information on Chakra Healing, Spiritual Healing and self -development, which is the culmination of the knowledge gained with decades of professional experience and expertise. Together, we have years of professional clinical experience, knowledge and teachings which we present to you so that you may start or continue your Spiritual Healing Journey from the comfort of your own home.

We thought that instead of keeping our knowledge and skills to ourselves that we would share them with you so that others may benefit, by increasing the standards of Reiki and ultimately the standards of those who you will reach as a result of our teachings.

There are important changes that you need to be aware of if you are seeking a career as a Reiki Practitioner or are undertaking training to become one.

As a result of these efforts, we now have industry standards which also incorporate governmental legislation to ensure the standard and survivability of Reiki as a complimentary therapy and as a spiritual practice.


A New Era Begins

Feeling empty yet full of a tsunami of emotions and knowing that something in her life was amiss, Caroline asked the universe for guidance. Everything shifted at that moment, and the realisation of being traumatised by a chronically unhealthy relationship became apparent. The struggle was the catalyst for her spiritual exploration by going deep within her centre. Leading to an introduction to Reiki, Caroline now helps other find harmony by healing the root cause of their suffering.

Shift, A New Era Begins, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd. is the third in a series of four books where we brought together the voices of our historic pandemic era where significant life and career shifts have occurred. We know you will enjoy reading this extraordinary collection of 25 uplifting perspectives of this historic era.

What another great way to connect to people in the midst of “social distancing!” I love reading about the positive and deep transformation people are experiencing through COVID-19. This book has plenty of that. If you’d like more hope; to know you’re not alone; or to be inspired to see a deeper gift through unexpected challenges the pandemic brought you, this book is great for that. Kim O’Neill – Confidence & Interview Coach.

“Caroline’s story really touched me. I could feel and sense her emotions throughout as if I was reliving the experience with her. As I kept reading, I could feel the beautiful energy of transformation she had shifted into. Caroline’s story is a beautiful story of courage and self empowerment which will inspire and motivate you to create your own powerful shift.”

Debora Luzi

Published Author, Content Strategist, Word Magician and Speaker

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