Sparks of

Life Healing.

Sparks of Life Healing

Healing Services

Crystal Healing Session.  $100.00

Crystal Healing Session.

Allow the beautiful energies of the crystals to enhance and balance your energy. Crystals are wonderful for clearing blockages in the chakras and for rebalancing your subtle bodies.

The use of crystals can help deepen your understanding and connection with the self as they guide you on your healing journey. I use techniques learnt from the Hibiscus Moon Academy and may place crystals on or around your body as part of the crystal treatment, but I will discuss the layout with you first and you may decline at any time during the healing.

I also work intuitively with the crystals to create a crystal body layout just for you. A peaceful, calming and relaxing healing session can be just what the Universe ordered!

Intuitive Reading Session.  $100.00

Intuitive Reading.

During an Intuitive Reading, you may begin to have your attention shift towards insights you may already have, about what you are doing in your life or what needs to change. A reading may assist you to see your life events from a different perspective.

We also start to release any emotional blockages which impact upon your heart, mind and soul so that you no longer feel stuck. We help you see where you are, the possibilities of where you could be going and how your past may have impacted you. This can help you understand what you already know and also clarify questions you may have about work, relationships as well as yourself. This channelled information is gentle guidance only and is not meant to be a replacement for any other treatments of any kind.

Reiki Treatment Sessions.  $100.00

Reiki Treatment.

Reiki is a simple, natural healing modality which enhances the body’s natural healing ability to promote well-being and is perhaps the most effective way of transferring universal life force energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing.

During a treatment, Reiki energy is exchanged using a sequence of hand positions, by the practitioner into the recipient. The practitioner will show you the sequence and obtain your agreement to this prior to commencing the treatment. Please note these vary depending upon your Reiki practitioner’s branch of Reiki training.

With each consult, you should discuss your needs and if they have changed.

Mindset Coaching Session.  $130.00

Mindset Coaching Session.

If you are ready to really work through old outdated beliefs and feel free within yourself, then Mindset Coaching is a great mechanism to use for this.

We look at behaviours and patterns and I provide you with the tools to dig out and release the old processes. You will learn tools that will be yours forever and you will be able to apply them to move forward and take control of yourself back.

After I step you though various techniques that help you break down these old outdated processes, there can be homework for you, and this important because it helps you to gain an increased understanding and deepen your awareness of what is really going on and the possible undercurrent theme. Great to know when looking at breaking the old ways down.

Spiritual Guidance.  $130.00

Spiritual Guidance.

We also offer a spiritual guidance session which enables you to connect with your Guides and to receive messages about what is happening in your life.

This process involves the clearing of blockages and the activation of the energetic centres both on and off the body, which are required to be functioning in order to access the higher self-aspects. Included in this is channelled guidance from my Guides which ultimately enhance your spiritual senses and intuition. This session is a combination of Reiki and channelled spiritual guidance.

Absent Healing Sessions.  $100.00

Absent Healing Services.

I am a Transformative Healer, who combines energy healing (Reiki), mindset coaching, crystal therapy and my nursing skills to work with your energy to help you move forward.

Absent/Distant Reiki Healings are the same as an in-person Reiki healing session. The difference is that you are not in the room with me. How can this work you ask?

Reiki is not affected by distance, as energy is not concerned with travel. We work out a time for your healing together and I send you a reminder beforehand. You get to relax at home (can be anywhere around the world) and receive the energy healing. I send you a typed report at the completion of the healing of anything that came up for you.

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