Reiki Treatment


Reiki treatments….

What does this involve?

Reiki is healing universal energy…this energy flows through your Reiki Practitioner’s hands into your body. The healing energy then flows to where you need it to go, to dissolve blocks, release locked emotions and to relax your body into a state of bliss.

No touch is necessary and we provide a relaxing, safe space for you to release and recharge…

AUD $100 for approximate 1 hour treatment



The word Reiki literally means “Universal Life Energy”.

Reiki is a simple, natural healing modality which enhances the body’s natural healing ability to promote well-being and is perhaps the most effective way of transferring universal life force energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing.

During a treatment, Reiki energy is exchanged using a sequence of hand positions, by the practitioner into the recipient. The practitioner will show you the sequence and obtain your agreement to this prior to commencing the treatment. Please note these vary depending upon your Reiki practitioner’s branch of Reiki training.

With each consult, you should discuss your needs and if they have changed.

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