Crystal Healing


Crystals are amazing healers and love to help us by clearing out old energy. Crystals are known in the scientific world for their specific properties and are widely used in mainstream, not just the more spiritual world.

Why not take a leap? Relax and allow the crystals to help you unwind and rebalance your energy and bring you back into harmony.

AUD $100 for an approximately 1 hour crystal healing session.


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Allow the beautiful energies of the crystals to enhance and balance your energy. Crystals are wonderful for clearing blockages in the chakras and for rebalancing your subtle bodies.

The use of crystals can help deepen your understanding and connection with the self as they guide you on your healing journey. I use techniques learnt from the Hibiscus Moon Academy and may place crystals on or around your body as part of the crystal treatment, but I will discuss the layout with you first and you may decline at any time during the healing.

I also work intuitively with the crystals to create a crystal body layout just for you. A peaceful, calming and relaxing healing session can be just what the Universe ordered!

Crystals are instrumental in providing us with protection, healing and guidance. Crystals have many benefits including protection from EMF frequencies and negative or heavy energies, balancing of chakras, grounding and connection, relieving our bodies from being dis-at-ease in mind, body or spirit.


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