Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance is a powerful combination of Energy Healing and messages from your Guides, that together cleanse, balance and nurture you whilst also giving you clarity and information on what is going on in your life. If you are feeling the need for some Higher Guidance and releasing/ rebalancing, then this is for you!

AUD $130 for 1 1/2 to 2 hours duration



Our Spiritual Guidance/Enhancement sessions help provide you with clarity and peace of mind. This deep session combines Reiki and information from your Guides.

This session can provide you with much information; information that you may have been seeking but unable to find. Healing is facilitated on all levels. This is raising your awareness, balancing and cleansing your subtle bodies, having areas or experiences in your life brought to your attention that need addressing.

Clarity, guidance, increased awareness, healing on all levels are your benefits gained hereWe also offer a spiritual guidance session which enables one to transcend the normal physical realms of functionality and existence. This process involves the clearing of blockages and the activation or bringing online of the energetic centres both on and off the body, which are required to be functioning in order to access the higher self-aspects. This includes channelled guidance from Caroline’s Guides which ultimately enhance your spiritual senses and intuition and allows you to transcend the emotional mind for a new state of well-being; assisting you on your path and enhancing all avenues of your life. This session is a combination of Reiki and channelled spiritual guidance.


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