Mindset Coaching


If you are ready to really work through old outdated beliefs and feel free within yourself, then Mindset Coaching is a great mechanism to use for this.

We look at behaviours and patterns and I provide you with the tools to dig out and release the old processes. You will learn tools that will be yours forever and you will be able to apply them to move forward and take control of yourself back.

AUD $130 for an approximately 1 and 1/2 hour session.

Packages can be created for you. Please ask for more information if you feel you would like to about this.


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Being a qualified Love and Authenticity Practitioner allows me to guide you as a powerful mind set changing coach, who helps you get to the root cause of mental and emotional blocks that you may have. Emotions may come up during the mind set coaching session as part of the clearing and releasing process. You may cease the mind set coaching session at any time and understand that I am not a qualified medical practitioner. This is an adjunct therapy only.

Mind set coaching is not as troublesome as it sounds, nor is it necessarily like the much over used “life coach”. Here, we explore how you got here without necessarily looking back at certain experiences.

This is about looking at patterns, behaviours and ideals you have created and helping you to change them if that is what you wish for your highest good.

We use different strategies while we are working with you to help you see, change and implement new ways into your life.

It takes work and committment on your part. This is not “airy fairy” and it takes persistance and dedication on your part to keep going and do the work.

You get results when you put in the work and only then.

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