Intuitive Readings.

During an Intuitive Reading, you may begin to have your attention shift towards insights you may already have, about what you are doing in your life or what needs to change. A reading may assist you to see your life events from a different perspective.

We also start to release any emotional blockages which impact upon your heart, mind and soul so that you no longer feel stuck. We help you see where you are, the possibilities of where you could be going and how your past may have impacted you. This can help you understand what you already know and also clarify questions you may have about work, relationships as well as yourself. This channelled information is gentle guidance only and is not meant to be a replacement for any other treatments of any kind.



An Intuitive Reading is a bit like sitting and having a chat with a mate….except that with your permission I tap into your energy field and I receive information from my Guides. The messages that I am given include things like what is going on in your life, questions you may have or insights into decisions that are wanting to be made. To do this, we literally sit and relax and I share with you what messages I am given.

People can become emotional when the messages start coming through and that is completely normal because you are connecting with that deeper, central part of yourself that can sometimes be locked away due to certain circumstances.

There is the freedom for you to express, as there is no judgement from me and I keep all of my sessions confidential. What is shared in the session, stays in the session. Always xx

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