Absent Healing Services

I am a Transformative Healer, who combines energy healing (Reiki), mindset coaching, crystal therapy and my nursing skills to work with your energy to help you move forward.

Absent/Distant Reiki Healings are the same as an in-person Reiki healing session. The difference is that you are not in the room with me. How can this work you ask?

Reiki is not affected by distance, as energy is not concerned with travel. We work out a time for your healing together and I send you a reminder beforehand. You get to relax at home (can be anywhere around the world) and receive the energy healing. I send you a typed report at the completion of the healing of anything that came up for you.



Healing energy (Reiki) is sent to you, wherever you are in the world. Reiki energy is able to travel across vast distances, it knows no barriers. It is just like having a treatment here with me, except you are in your own home/ space, wherever that may be.

This may sound strange but the energy to me is like a warm breeze. It travels vast distances and is nurturing, uplifting and gets in all the nooks and cranny’s to shift stagnant energy in your body, no matter where you are.

We work out a time together that is conducive to you receiving the healing and then prior to the time of your booking I will send you a reminder (so you are not driving or at work for example).

The Reiki energy still goes to where you need it to go in your body to rebalance you and I still receive information about where possible energy blockages are. I inform you when your healing is complete and then send you a report if anything came up for you during the healing session.

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