Reiki Level One – 3 Monthly Payments of $125.00 / Month

Reiki Level One – 3 Monthly Payments of $125


Reiki Level One – 3 Monthly Payments of $125.00

Your Reiki Level One Course includes the history of the originator and founder of the Usui System of Reiki Healing, Mikao Usui and the evolution of the branch in which you are training.

The precepts, or principles of the branch of Reiki in which you are training – The wording of these precepts or principles varies between the different branches of Reiki; however they are all based on those originally expressed by Mikao Usui.

Instruction for self-treatment and the treatment of others.

Opportunity for practice in self-treatment, and in giving and receiving Reiki treatment with others.

Information on Chakras, the Subtle Bodies, Reiki Guidelines, Reiki Hygiene, Reiki Obligations including, Handouts, Charts, Visual Presentations, Competency Questionnaires and more.

Thorough and step by step techniques coupled with practical experience to enable full confidence to deliver exceptional high quality expert reiki treatments.


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