Self Guided Chakra Knowledge Library Course – 3 Payments of $37 / Month

Self Guided Chakra Knowledge Library Course – 5 Payments of $100 / Month


Self Guided Chakra Course – 5 Payments of $100 / Month

We’ve designed the Chakra development course as a self-guided, work at your own pace to understanding your energy field, and how we interact with the would utilising the seven traditional chakra systems, your subtle body anatomy, and the layers of your auric field. 

A journey of discovery of how we respond to events, emotions, interactions, our thoughts, and feelings that influence our thinking impeding our view of the worldwe will embark on a journey from the outer layers of your auric field, down through the layers of your aura, through the organs systems and organs, they govern, right down into the cells.

We will be identifying imbalances, the thoughts, feelings and emotions that contributed to a state of dis–at-ease and help you to be able to identify what attributes you need for each layer of your auric field to enable you to restore harmony and well-being.

This is quite a comprehensive and thorough course with charts, photos, handouts, and visual presentations.


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